5 Good Reasons to Get an MBA

Thinking about going after a Master of Business Administration (MBA)? It’s a smart decision for anyone interested in entering the high-stakes world of global business. Getting an MBA will give you the tools to compete in today’s demanding marketplace and whether you just graduated from college or plan on taking Northeastern’s online mba program to take your career in a new direction, these are just five good reasons you’re making the right call.

1. Learn a New Skill Set

If you want to get a complete education on the way businesses are run by some of the top innovators in every industry, an MBA can give you the skill set to follow in their footsteps. You’ll learn everything there is to know about designing and manufacturing a product, marketing that product, brand management, hiring the best personnel and keeping them, and ensuring that your company’s financial outlook remains robust.

2. Become an Entrepreneur

You may have your goals set on starting your own company one day. Turn that dream into a reality by pursuing your MBA at a respectable program like Moorpark College and you’ll have the valuable business acumen to get that business off the ground. You don’t need to have designs on starting your own business either, MBA graduates are also better equipped for middle and top management positions in some of the largest and most recognized organizations around the world.

3. Broaden Your Horizons

An MBA will challenge to look beyond your own little world and learn about the global marketplace in a way that can inform you with the knowledge to succeed in the real world. Even if you’ve already worked at a job where you making a good salary, you’ve decided to go to business school because you lack certain knowledge. Getting an MBA can help you fill in those gaps by providing you with a realistic look at how business is conducted here and abroad. But you need to keep an open mind. Otherwise, you won’t get the full benefit of the program.

4. Finding Good Mentors

A business school is only as good as the professors who are teaching you the tricks of the trade. If you’re lucky, the faculty will provide you with the knowledge to think outside of the box and challenge you to expand the way you look at business. Aligning yourself with these individuals can form the basis of a mentorship that can open many doors for you in any number of industries. Getting your MBA isn’t just about learning a new skill set. It’s about forming alliances and relationships to help you along the way.

5. Position Yourself for Success

MBA graduates are highly qualified to take on a variety of high-level positions and the top firms are always looking for candidates whom they know are ready to meet the challenges of the global marketplace. Major companies from Deloitte to Apple to Procter and Gamble to Amazon are always seeking out fresh talent with the qualifications that only an MBA can provide.



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