What Are the Commonly Asked Web Methods Interview Questions?

The questions that are asked in an interview are often uncertain. The right answers to these questions might guarantee you a job, but any wrong answer can certainly work to your disadvantage.

Most people nowadays are applying for Web methods Architect Jobs as this field is witnessing a lot of demand and offers plenty of potential for growth. So, if you are looking for a head-start for your preparation of the Web Methods interview, then here are a few commonly asked questions at the interview and answers to the same.

How Do You Find the Dependents of a Particular Element of the Server That Is Selected?

In order to fight the dependents, we have to right click on the element that is selected in the navigation panel and then we see that there is an option to find the dependents. All we have to do is just click on it.

What Do You Know about EAI?

EAI stands for Enterprise Application Integration and is defined as the data that can be integrated from several disparate applications. It does not depend on the platform and that is why it can be shared amongst multiple business processes.

What Is Web Methods DEVELOPER?

Web Methods Developer is a tool that is used for graphic development to edit, build and test the logic of integration. It also provides an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which can be used to develop the logic as well as other supporting objects that are essential to execute the task of integration solution. It also helps to test and debug the solutions that are obtained.

How Do We Remove a System Lock from a Particular Element?

If we want to remove the system locks of a particular element, then we have to make the files at the server side of this element readable. We first click on the element that is locked and choose the lock properties option. It will ask you to display the server side files for that particular element. We make the files readable and then refresh the page and this will remove the system locks.

What Are Some of the Structural Transformations That Can Be Carried Out in Web Methods?

Some of the structural transformations that can take place in Web Methods are splitting of one field into several other fields, merging several fields into one field, reordering some of the portions of a message and renaming some of the fields.

What Is a Web Service Connector Used For?

The main purpose of a web service connector is that it has to invoke a web service on a different web server. Whenever the package is re-loaded or loaded, the startup service will be implemented.

These questions and answers can help you respond to the most common interrogations in Web Methods interview.



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