Digital Marketing trends That Have Stood out This year 2017

Digital Marketing has been booming the industry for quite a while and ever since Google has come up with the updates for its search engine from time to time, all the marketers are geared up to make sure that their website ranks top on the SERPs. While SEO and SEM were majorly contributing to the digital marketing wisdom, now we have add-ons like SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing etc. Know more about Digital marketing by taking up digital marketing training in Hyderabad.  In all these platforms, some of the trends that have been making news bigtime are as follows:

Live Stream Video:

Video uploads have taken a setback with the live video streaming taking its place this year. This free feature has been doing well on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This is been used by everyone to voice out their opinions, to express themselves and to give out their reactions then and there. Live streaming is being used by companies and organization of various scales to launch their new products, go on with live events and used as a platform to connect with their audience. Even politics and entertainment field has not left this behind. They can help you to promote your brand and it’s a kind of personal connection with your customers which will make them trust the brand. Here, with live stream video, you are offering them something to see life which the audience has never seen.This will keep up their craze and curiosity to see more such videos.Know more on this by digital marketing training in Hyderabad.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality was considered to be a flop with the Pokemon Go trend in 2016. But now this trend is coming up as many App experts and the developer is investing in getting back AR into business in the areas like Ads, Games and application development. The trend of AR is again starting up especially in the field of Entertainment Industry where it’s giving a hope to have a photograph with your favorite star. This AR can be taken with the by installing the application on the play store and scanning the QR code. We are yet to see the development and advancement in AR as the year progresses. Learn more by taking up digital marketing courses in Hyderabad.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality has become more popular when compared to the previous year.It gives consumers a real time experience by taking the consumers into the VR world. Most of the smart and android phones are coming with the VR option. The VR glasses are sold under different brands in the market. People often get confused with the terms AR and VR. AR is where the object is brought back to life in our reality whereas, in VR, it’s we who get into a whole different world.The VR videos give you a 360-degree view where you can check each and every detail just by turning your head and seeing like how we do in real life to checkout something. Both AR and VR can be taken and seen using your mobile device. With the mobile analytics, the companies can really get to know what interests the user and what can be done. Know how the digital marketers are making use of this by digital marketing courses in Hyderabad.