Be an Accomplished Legal Expert by Studying in the Best Law University in Uttar Pradesh 

Law education is one of the toughest and exciting academic options for students in India. You can select either the 5 years format or the 3 years format to study Law in most of the Law colleges in Uttar Pradesh. Most of the reputed colleges and universities prefer entrance exams for short-listing the applicants. There are many educational institutes that take students on the basis of marks. The course is primarily designed to impart practical knowledge required to start your career as a Law professional.

What Will You Actually Learn During Your Course?

This is the first question that comes to mind of parents and students alike whenever deciding for a career in Law. The 5 years course will let you study the basic arts and literature in first 2 years. In most colleges and universities, the real Law course starts after the 2 years. The first two years will broaden your knowledge about various things that will ultimately help you in your career.

You will normally learn about the following things in your Law course:

  1. Contract Law
  2. Criminal Law
  3. Corporate Law
  4. Property Law
  5. Labor Law
  6. Human Rights
  7. Tax Law
  8. Environmental Laws
  9. International Trade Law

Apart from the studying the above-mentioned categories of Law, you will also do internships for the completion of your degree course. Most of the Law colleges in Uttar Pradesh have moot courts for mock court practices. It is designed to help them prepare for the real-world scenario.

What Are The Career Prospects?

Although, the first career option for any Law graduates is practicing in Law firms or courts. However, there are other career options available for them. In the last decade, LPO or Legal Process Outsourcing has caught up like wild fire in India. It’s same like outsourcing any other work. The other lucrative career options include working in multinational companies, Govt agencies, PSUs, arbitration consultancies, litigation firms, NGOs, Intellectual Property firms and others.

Academia is also a popular career option for Law students. The numerous Govt and private institutes regularly hire a good number of Law graduates. They can earn a good remuneration while imparting their knowledge to students.

What Further Study Can I Do After Graduating from Law?

If you want to study further, you can anytime do the L.L.M course or the prestigious MBA course. There are also multiple certifications & diploma courses available in Cyber Laws, Environmental Laws, Labor Laws and similarly other categories of Law. Human Rights and Women’s Rights have gained quite popularity in recent times. If you are interested in them, you can do the Masters course in either Human Rights or Women’s Rights.

What Makes A Good Lawyer?

During the entire Law course, you will learn certain skills that will help you in your future. Your analytical and reasoning skill will improve. In addition to that, you will also develop your English writing & speaking ability and research skills. Quick thinking approach to any solution is the hallmark of a good Lawyer as it will be required in many legal situations. Patience is the key here because many cases can drag for many years. You will need to think from every perspective. A good Lawyer must listen carefully and speak accordingly.

Law graduates are not some simple graduates. They are taught about human values and ethics. They are prepared for logical reasoning in every situation. The course helps them to become a responsible human being. They are the people who have the ability to change the society with their profession. They are known to correct misdeeds and are always respected by the society.           


You now have a clear idea what you will learn and where you can use your knowledge. The course will teach you to solve various complex conflicts and problems. Just select the best Law University in Uttar Pradesh and be the game-changer in real life.