1. What are English Flashcards?

English flashcards are an educational device to help students learn or improve their English language and skills.

The flashcards are, as the name implies, actual physical double-sided cards; perhaps with a question one face and the answer the flip-side.

Properly created cards have well written content produced by academics within the English language sector of education.

English flashcards are a cohesive well planned and progressive learning aid.

  1. What age group are they intended for?

This innovative learning tool is particularly attractive to children, with often bright and vibrant images and imaginative and interactive text. The cards look like fun and having fun is a great way to learn.

However, flashcards are used to help anyone of any age get to grip with the English language; be that learning from scratch or brushing up on some of the basics.

The flashcards come as part of an attractive boxed set, immediately eye-catching and irresistible. The ‘games’ are generally interactive and challenging for all ages; this makes for an ideal family activity.

Coloured pens or pencils are often included with write and wipe clean surfaces on many cards. Activities are entertaining and may well incur reference to, or research on, the World Wide Web.

A rainbow of educational happenings perceived as fun, fun, and more fun.

  • Where can I best source English flashcards?

Online is the answer.

Your supplier should have bone fide A1 rated credentials; purchase ‘bogus’ flashcards with no constructive aim and you’ll end up frustrated and short-changed.

Find a company with a proven track record backed up by positive reviews of their service and product. Take a browse on the net, look for a well presented, informative and easy to navigate website. Maybe contact the seller, ask questions to try and establish the product’s educational worth. Take the recommendation of other satisfied customers.

Of course all this ‘surfing can end up being a pointless, confusing drawn out exercise.

Why not cut to the chase and …

  • Check out Word United!

Word United are the premiere suppliers of language flashcards!

A wonderfully presented website with a range of fantastic, innovative learning products.

Their English flashcard tuitions are second to none. Clear, concise presentations with a structured aim and enjoyable, illuminating content.

Let’s not overlook the fact that Word United specialise in languages worldwide; Spanish, Arabic, German, French and, not forgetting … English.

There are tuitions are beautifully presented, covering such basic subject as numeracy, the alphabet and much more. Pronunciation aids and grammatical guidance make for a spot on easy to follow course of learning.

Whatever your ambitions, theirs a well presented course prepared and waiting for you and your children.

  • In conclusion

English flashcards are the perfect fun way to expand your faltering English or, more primarily, to educate children in, what after all is, the complex concept of language.

Flashcard courses are not expensive, usually under £15. They have been proven to be a most effective form of learning.

Check out all the options, visit Word United now, and ensure your family an articulate and successful future.